We believe growth depends on partnership.


Why Lighthouse

As a technology-first company built around a strong network of partners, Mastercard understands how important partnerships are for growth. Likewise, NFT Ventures has invested in almost 50 fintechs because it believes growth is best achieved by a concert of stakeholders.

By building the Lighthouse Development Program, Mastercard and NFT seek to put their partnership values into practice. Pairing the energy and innovation of fintechs with the stability and distribution at large corporates, we believe we can strengthen the entire ecosystem, increasing the size of the industry we all share.

“It is very important that growing fintechs have the chance to get closer to an international player like Mastercard and investor like NFT Ventures. The Lighthouse Development Program creates opportunities for collaboration, future partnerships and quality networking, rather than yet another pitching contest.”
— Timo Keihag, Founder of Rezeet

Lighthouse values

We are stronger together. We believe that fast-moving fintechs are uniquely positioned to complement the stable distribution of established players.

Our time is valuable. We respect our participants’ time. The program strives to minimize travel and maximize the value of the in-person workshops.

Results matter. We measure ourselves on the percent of active partnerships produced by the program. Last year, our success rate was 73%.

Generosity wins. Giving gives us energy and powers partnership success. We challenge ourselves to give each day without seeking immediate returns.