We are a team made of all different walks of life with a clear goal, connect with innovative financial companies and help them make a large positive impact on the world.


Our Mission

The Lighthouse Development Program was established as a joint effort between Mastercard and NFT Ventures. The idea is simple, to work alongside startups and explore how we can help them develop with our industry knowledge, resources, and time. We hope to learn just as much from the companies we work with as they do from us, and believe that opportunities for partnerships, investment, and more will present themselves— and if not, that's ok too.  

“It is very important that startups have the chance to get closer to an international player like Mastercard and investor like NFT Ventures, the Lighthouse Development Program creates opportunities for collaboration, future partnerships and quality networking, rather than yet another pitching contest.”
— Timo Keihag, Founder of Rezeet

Lighthouse values

We are collaborative. The world is moving too fast to try and do it all on your own. 

We are driven for change. Finance is transforming for the better and we want to lead the change. 

We are results focused. LDP is about creating real tangible value for everyone involved.

We are learning. It's hard to get it right the first time, but we will take all the feedback and constantly try and improve.