+ Who is behind the Lighthouse Development Program?

Mastercard and NFT Ventures

+ What is the purpose of the Lighthouse Development Program?

To build lasting relationships with leading Fintech startups and leverage the expertise and know how of one another.

+ What does LDP Stand for?

Lighthouse Development Program.


+ When can I apply?

Applications are open from June 5 until August 1, 2018.

+ What areas can participate?

Startups that operate within the Nordics and Baltics. Workshops will first take place in Helsinki, Vilnius, and Stockholm with more locations coming in January 2019.

+ What stage of a company are you looking for?

We are looking for companies that are beyond proof of concept and have customers or users.

+ How do I apply?

Fill out our short application on our website starting June 5.

+ What happens after I submit an application?

The Lighthouse team will review your submission and determine if there is a good fit between the program and your company.

+ When will I know about the status of my application?

No later than August 20, 2018.


+ How long is the program?

LDP runs from September to December and consists of 4 full day workshops with ongoing support in between.

+ What happens after the program?

By participating in LDP you become part of our alumni network, which we hope to continue to be active with through ongoing communication and regular meetups.

+ Does the program have a winner?

Yes, the startup that makes the most improvement throughout the workshops will be determined the overall winner.

+ Do you take equity?

No, LDP is completely free of charge to the participating companies.